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Here are the patterns for the Tack Room Show

Thank you to our sponsors!

We ask that all members please help get sponsors for added money for the Anniversary Show! Form coming soon!

Tack Room Show

A few revisions to the Tack Room Show showbill were necessary. There was a schedule conflict with the original judges so they had to be replaced. By request and with permission from AQHA, we have added Select Trail. Due to a vote of the Fair Board, the fee for those camping in the campground had to be increased. We regret any inconvenience this may causebut it was not our decision to make. Revised info is on the Show Info page.
Practice Show scheduled for 4/27 is cancelled due to flooding!

Show Dates for 2019

April 27 - Practice Show
May 5 - Open Show
May 25-26 - Tack Room Show - AQHA Only
6/9 - Open Show
6/30 - Open Show (Double Judged)
8/3-4 - Open/AQHA Introductory Show (pending)
8/18 - Open Show
9/21-23 - Anniversary Show (Multiple judges - more info to come)
10/5 - Open Show

Tack Room Pre-Entry

Save some time and money! Pre-Enter for the Tack Room Show. New no risk policy means you can cancel prior to the start of the show and receive a refund! Here's the form. Tack Room Pre-Entry


The Membership Form is available for those wishing to join the club. To reserve stalls for the Open Show season (not including the Tack Room Show, Introductory Show and Anniversary Show) please fill out the Open Show Stall Reservation Form. These stall reservations are intended for those members that plan to use stalls at every show. There will be stalls available for intermittent use by calling Barb West.


Quick Links to Documents:

Membership Form
Open Show Stall Reservation Form (Members Only)
Sponsor Form
Tack Room Show Stall Reservation Form

Introductory Show Stall Reservation Form
Anniversary Show Stall Reservation Form